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It is Possible

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to empower children to create a greater future

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Empower children to become everything they can BE by sharing different Access Consciousness® Tools that they can use on a daily basis to overcome trauma and stress.

What is possible for

educators and learners?

We are very grateful that you are willing to consider contributing to our Khayelitsha Schools Project.

Over the next 2 years we will be teaching the learners and the teachers how to run Access Bars® for each other as a stress release technique that also contributes to increased concentration levels, relaxing the mind and much more.

There are 45 Primary Schools and 20 Secondary Schools in the Khayelitsha area.

  • Changes in stress and anxiety
  • Improve concentration levels & performance
  • Enhance personal capacities & abilities
  • Reduce worry & increase happiness
  • Have regard & allowance for others
  • Increase confidence, curiousity & creativity

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Our first training sessions will be at Inkanini Primary School.

We start by training 60 Teachers on the 16th January 2024 and then progress to training the 1420 learners over a period of 9 weeks,

by the end of the 1st School Term.

Our estimate for this project is R90,000,000

($4.8m / Euro 4.4m) to train approximately 90,000 Learners and Teachers in all 65 schools in Khayelitsha.

These numbers are based on an average of 1,400 learners and 50 teachers per school.

Phase 1:

Train 60 Teachers at Inkanini Primary School

R179,150 required

Phase 2:

Train 1420 Learners at Inkanini Primary

R1,285,875 required

In total:

The funding required for this first school is R1,465,025

($80,000/ Euros 72,348)

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The funding received will pay for equipment, manuals, Access Bars® Facilitators to conduct the training, refreshments and travel costs.

Including operational and administrative costs to run the

Non Profit Company.

Any amount is appreciated, and please feel free to share this information widely.

Click here to see our Pitch Deck.

Email us to request our detailed funding proposal.

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Who do you know who’d like to empower learners & teachers?

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Details where we will be able to receive your contribution:

Possibility Corner (NPC)

Registration Number: 2023/193746/08

South African Banking Details:

FNB (First National Bank)

Account Name: Possibility Corner

Account Number: 63082135633

Branch Code: 200409


PayPal: funding@possibilitycorner.org

Yoco link:


If you are making a donation or grant from the USA, we have partnered with the following company:

Hope Fulfilled International,

a Section 501(c)3 organization.

Tax ID 26-1074668

Address: 1001 Damascus Circle,

Costa Mesa, Ca 92626

Contact: Rich Boyer 714-325-4000 or

Amy 714-345-0567


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Possibility Corner (NPC )| Registration Number: 2023/193746/08 | funding@possibilitycorner.org

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